About the Trail

thetrail-makingThe Trail is a collaborative comic of the Chilkoot Trail created by participants in Skagway, Alaska, on the Chilkoot Trail, and in Whitehorse, Yukon in August 2013. It is a large scale map of the Chilkoot Trail from Skagway to Bennett.

We used black markers, white copy paper, scissors, and post-it notes to draw various elements of the Chilkoot Trail including trees, plants, rocks, buildings, animals, stories, people, machines, weather and more. These elements incorporated different time periods of the Chilkoot Trail (pre-historic, pre-contact, Klondike, present-day, the future) as well as different locations (in the air, on the ground, underground). We then placed the drawings on the larger map with two sided removable tape and rearranged them with other participants drawings. The last stage of the drawing was to add word balloons or sound effects to the various characters along the trail. This created some sort of story or at least portrays the various voices of the trail. I then scanned all the drawings, added some colour digitally and posted the trail online.

Kid’s Comic Jam: On the Chilkoot

Come learn about comics and how to draw them. We will be creating a large collaborative comic/drawing/map of the Chilkoot Trail. Come draw and add your stories, creatures, people, houses, machines, monsters, and anything else you can imagine to our comic which will be displayed on the wall and online.

Kids and parents of all ages welcome.


Kid’s Comic Jam: On the Chilkoot
Junior Ranger Center
Skagway, Alaska
5 – 7pm
Friday, August 9, 2013

Open Studio/Comic Jam
Sheep Camp
Klondike Gold Rush National Park, Alaska
8pm, August 13, 2013

Open Studio/Comic Jam
Lindeman City
Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site, British Columbia
4pm, August 19, 2013

Kid’s Komic Jam: On the Chilkoot
Old Fire Hall
Whitehorse, Yukon
1pm – 3pm Saturday, August 24, 2013