April 8, 2014

Here is a link to my Chilkoot Packing List and here are few notes on things I found useful to bring on the trip.

Camp day gear:

  • Camp shoes – crocs or something comfortable that you can slip on and wear with socks
  • Comfortable, dry clothing for camp days
  • Day pack – for day hikes and just for transporting art supplies around the camp

Other gear:

  • Bug jacket – we went in mid-August and there were not too many bugs. They only place we used this was on a sunny day in Sheep Camp.
  • Trekking poles – We borrowed these from the US Parks and found them very useful for climbing.

Artist gear:

Business cards and bookmarksbusiness card

  • It is worth bringing something like this to give out people on the trail so they can see your work or get in touch with you. I only printed out around 40 business cards and 20 bookmarks but I came across almost 200 people so I could have brought more. I just printed the business cards  on my home printer using a business card template paper. The kids especially liked the bookmarks.

Art samples

  • I create books and prints so I was able to bring a ziplock bag of my work on the trail to show during presentations and to other hikers who were interested in seeing my work. I would definitely recommend printing off samples of your work to bring.

Batteries and chargers

  • My camera battery died about half way through and I did not bring a charger because I didn’t know if I would be able to use it. Parks did offer to lend me their solar power charger but I didn’t think it was worth it for one camera battery. Luckily I met another camper who had the same charger and I was able to charge it at Lindeman City. The ranger cabin at Lindeman City has solar power.


We were really worried about the weight of our packs although I was lucky that my art supplies were minimal (notebook, small pad of bristol board, pens, pencils, and markers). My partner and I had been slowly accumulating light-weight gear over the years including a tent, sleeping bag, pot set but we still ended up buying a few things for the trip. And despite trying to keep our gear down to a minimum our bags still weighed between 35 lbs on light days and 55 lbs after we had picked up our food. But that was nothing compared to some of the other hikers who had 70 – 80 lb packs.